Radhika Devi AVM since 2018

Radhika Devi is working as AVM since 2018 and has been guiding the women of her village regarding cultivation and production of Non- Timber Forest Products(NTFP), focusing on Lac & Moringa. She is also a member of Narayan Soso Aajeevika Utpaadak Samuh. She joined Laxmi Mahila Samuh in the year 2015. Her family, like the other families in her village, was cultivating Lac informally for a long time. But, the margin of profit generation was very low and almost negligible. This was so, because they had no knowledge of how to proper cultivate Lac for better productive yield.

 Radhika Devi got selected and received training of AVM and came to know about the scientific process of Lac and Moringa cultivation , the factors that promotes as well as inhibits the yield and the controlling methods of the inhibitory factors. She explained all about this to her PG Members as well and they started the cultivation accordingly. The transformation can be judged by the fact that earlier when they cultivated Lac & Moringa, the yield was cut short due to several diseases caught in the crop. But, now, due to new scientific farming and appropriate uses of organic fertilizers  not only protected the yield from diseases but increased the quality and quantity as well. This led to increase in the income of every member of PG by two-three times.

Radhika Devi says that, “ Earlier neither our farming was providing us profitable returns nor did us women had an identity that we own today. Our village is in the remotest part of our block and thus we majorly relied on forest produces for our survival as well as livelihood.  We have not only got opportunities to look out for livelihood resources within our territorial limits but today, we women have earned our own identity. I, working as an AVM, provide an additional support of 1200-1500 rupees monthly to my family. Apart from this, we are getting huge profitable returns from Lac & Moringa Cultivation without having to go to faraway places in search of livelihood.”