A Desire to Make Her Own Identity

Tamanna” a desire to make her own identity, a desire to run her own business. A mobile shop named “New Mobile Zone Tammana” which was a desire of Priyanka Laguri before 2013 becomes the reality when she joined Sakhi Mandal in 2013.

23-year-old Priyanka Laguri is a resident of Balandiya village of Hatgamahria block of West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. She is the president of “Naar Swayam Sahayta Samooh” (Woman Self Help Group) run under the tutelage of Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion society.

Before becoming a part of Sakhi Mandal Priyanka Laguri was totally dependent on her parents for her family expenditures. She used to get only 500 rupees per month out of which she managed to save some amount for her husband. In a hope of creating a source of income, she sent her husband to Jamshedpur for a 3 months course of mobile repairing.

After 3 months her husband was placed in a Nokia care center at Jamshedpur on a monthly salary of 3,500 rupees. The amount was not enough to feed a family of 5 members including taking care of a disabled sister after staying far away from home.“We were very depressed that even after learning a skill the amount was not enough to feed our family. Whenever my husband come to home the villagers used to come to our home for mobile repairing. Then we decided to open a mobile shop in our village but the main obstacle was money. At that crucial period of time we get the financial support from Sakhi Mandal” says Priyanka.

She took a loan of 49,000 rupees from Sakhi Mandal for setting up the mobile shop in November 2013.  Today it has been almost 3 years, she along with her husband successfully running her mobile shop in her village Balandiya and earning 10,000-11,000 rupees per month.  Her husband takes care of the mobile repairing and she looks after the other work of the shop like mobile recharge, movie, and song downloading, taking print out etc. “Now we don’t have to go to main Hatgamahria market for mobile recharge and repairing and even for getting clicked a passport size picture for official purpose. We get all these services in our village” says a customer.  Priyanka Laguri also clicks passport size picture from the android phone and give it to the customer after taking print which coasts them 30 rupees for 4 copies. She also most of the accessories of the mobile phone in her shop like charger, cover, card reader, USB etc.

When she was asked about the journey till now she revealed a dark phase of her journey and said “In the year 2016 we both fell ill and handed over our shop to a person after trusting him that he will give us the earning after taking his share. But he neither gave us the money nor refills our shop with the products. That was the time we lose our hope because to restart our shop we again needed financial support and again Sakhi Mandal trusted me and gave me a loan of 25,000 to restart my shop”. She has repaid the amount of 70,000 rupees along with the interest. Now She is unfazed by any ups and downs because she knows that the Sakhi Mandal is with her in her bad as well as good times.