Serial Entrepreneur

Jayanti Devi’s has proved that entrepreneurship is not the sole preserve of the educated and wealthy. It is a natural instinct for some like her.

Name- Jayanti Devi

Bengabad block, Giridih Dist.

Small loan- 14 times

Big loan- 4 times

Enterprises & income :

1.      General Store- 10-12 thousand p.m

2.      Cosmetic centre- 2-3 thousand p.m

3.      DJ Sound equipments- 60-70K p.a

4.      Bricks factory- more than 1 lakh

So far so good…

Jayanti Devi of Bengabad block of Giridih district in Jharkhand is today a symbol of success. She is a role model for many others who want to make it big in life despite all odds.

From a homemaker who could barely make ends meet, Jayanti is today an entrepreneur with four successfully running ventures. Yes, you got it right. She runs not one, not two but four ventures.

And all this has been possible because of the valuable help provided to her by the Sakhi Mandal. The association with Sakhi Mandal transformed her life. The association gave her a new identity and immense confidence. And then began a journey to empower herself and her family in the process.

Her first venture was a general store, for which she took a loan of Rs 15,000. This store became the source of her livelihood. Jayanti fondly remembers the first income she earned from the store. Later, she took another loan of Rs 10,000 to expand the store and today she earns Rs 10 to 12,000 per month from it.

Instead of sitting over the laurels of her first successful venture, Jayanti was soon thinking about the next business that she could start. This time she took a loan of Rs 1 lakh and bought DJ sound equipment to give it out on rent. Thus, without any extra effort and waste of time, she is now adding Rs 70 to 80,000 annually to her income. With time, her business has become established and now she receives bookings for marriage parties and other big events.

Jayanti, who was by now earning quite well, realised that there was a good demand for cosmetic items in the area and there were not many shops. This assessment gave birth to her third venture, a small cosmetic shop. This added Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 monthly to her income.

What was more, Jayanti was now providing employment opportunities to other needy members of the Sakhi Mandal.

With three successfully running ventures, one would have thought Jayanti would be happy and satisfied. But that was not the case. Having transformed her life, she indeed was happy. However, the urge to do something more was still very strong.

And this paved the way for her fourth venture, which was a factory to make bricks.

Jayanti observed that there was a very high demand for bricks in the area. After getting the necessary information about brick making and the favourable season for it, she thought of setting up a factory and engaging needy women of Sakhi Mandal on daily wages.

To implement her idea, she initially demanded a loan of Rs 20,000 from her SHG. Her idea of setting up a brick factory was appreciated by other members of the Sakhi Mandal and hence her loan was immediately approved. Today, she engages 3 women along with their husbands in making of bricks on daily wages. They got a total order of 3 lakh bricks from different government schemes like – Indira Awas, Goat Shed, toilet construction under Swachch Bharat Mission. However, because of rain and other natural barriers they could manage to make and supply only around 2 lakh 20 thousand bricks with a profit of more than Rs 1 lakh.

These ventures have made a big difference to the life of Jayanti. Today, she sustains her family, and provides them emotional and financial support. Before joining the Sakhi Mandal, she spent her time doing household work. Sakhi Mandal gave her the opportunity to step outside and explore the world around her. Her children are getting education in an English medium school. She is happy at the thought that their future would be bright with good education. She has purchased a bike for her husband, constructed her house and among her future plans is to buy a Bolero pickup for better service of DJ Sound equipment rental business.

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